Rib wrangling

(Rib scripting and Cutter)
The project was finished directly by rib scripting in Cutter. Texturing and compositing are by using Photoshop CS5, Nuke and After Effect.

Design Process

Attribute "visibility" "trace" [1]
    Attribute "visibility" "int transmission" [1]
    LightSource "shadowspot" 1
                "float intensity" 80
                "point from" [2 4 -1.5]
                "point to" [0 0 0]
                "string shadowname" ["spot1.tex"]
                "float samples" 128.0
                "float width" 1.0
                "float beamdistribution" 1.0
                #"float coneangle" 0.523599
                    "float coneangle" 0.55
                "float conedeltaangle" 0.5

Attribute "visibility" "trace" 1
Surface "tinted_occlusion" "float samples" 512

#map format changing
txmake -mode "periodic" "../tiffs/paintc.tif" "../textures/paintc.tex"

#teapot shading
Surface "combo" "texname" ["paintc.tex"] "Ks" 0.15
Attribute "bound" "displacement" [0.3]
Displacement "emboss" "texname" ["paintb.tex"] "Km" 0.01

#floor shading
Surface "combo" "texname" ["floorC.tex"] "Kd" 0.4
      "roughness" 0.5 "Ks" 0.1
Attribute "bound" "displacement" [0.3]
Displacement "emboss" "texname" ["floorb.tex"] "Km" 0.008

Texture maps

Basic shape and lighting

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Final render

Special Thanks:
Professor Malcolm
Chance Payne

Pattern Animation


Design Process


Final thoughts:
It was instresting project for me. During the process, I learnted how to use RSL in Maya, and how to control slim shaders. Most important for me was how to use these to express my ideas and feelings..I am really happy with the results. I like  how the light goes through the window and the rotation of the lamp. I want to give the work to my grandfather as a gift even though he has passed away. Specail thanks to the SCAD professor Malcolm's patient and TA Chanse's kindness.  I learned a lot from the project. If I have more time, I will try different patterns and play with the slim shader.

Full code

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