The character 's name is Duoduo who is the main
character in my friend Icing Kuo's senior film.
This story is about how a girl comes to understand
the meaning behind the phrase “The Present is a

Name: Duoduo
Age: 75
Skin: yellowish
Eyes: brown
Hight: 165cm
Personality: Kind, gental, sweet, easy-going

About the character

Look development


Duoduo has baby-doll eyes, realistic skin, and paper-like hair. An interesting and challenging combination, but one that I took great pleasure in conquering.


I used Maya's SSS Fast Skin shader for the eye, consisting of the iris, pupil, and retina. For the cornea I used a Blinn shader with a transparency setting and high specular to achieve a shiny and wet look.


The character demanded realistic looking skin, so I again used the SSS Fast Skin shader. The freckles, folds in the skin, and overall weathered look was achieved through displacement maps generated in Zbrush.


Render test

Hand and Neil

Render test


Final thoughts: This project was a wonderful experience. What I've learned from working on this film is how to translate my imagination into visual language. Communication with my project lead as well as my peers has garnered me invaluable lessons that I will take with me in all future projects.

Special thanks for Pro. Bridget, Xiaolai Zheng and Daniel Furlow. :)

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