Match to live

The goal of this project is to match a CG element to a live action photograph. This is a very important project for me to learn how to learn from viewing it, and then create it through digital media. I used Maya, Nuke, Photoshop, After Effect and Z-brush during the whole process.

Photo reference
Special thanks: Ben Ge

Photo Preparation

Final Photography

There are two photos I choose for the project. The first one is for me to match camera easily. The second one is for the background.

Camera Match

I modeled the robot, then put the same place as the photo shows. Then I tried to light the scene to mimic the same shadow as the origal photo.

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Shader Adjustment Process

Final shader

After trying to use blinn shader, I wasn't satisfied with results. So I used SSS shader to get enough translucence.

Render layers

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