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In cooperating with the Art Center College of Design and Flintridge Center, the Real Change Movement seeks to touch hearts and minds with a long-term, positive approach to a common concern. 

The Real Change Movement is a public education campaign focused on raising awareness about the issue of homelessness. It is a new initiative to provide homes for the homeless with credit card donations you make through our special meter donation program. 
I participated in this event as a designer for the Seashe company. Within 4 weeks, 7 businesses signed on as sponsors, 130 million media impressions were made, and $700K ad value was generated. The campaign received coverage in TIME, L.A. TIMES, KTLA, KABC, and Telemundo.


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Brainstorming to see if we could make the idea more charming and meaningful :) 

We were looking for the right style to brand the concept

We were experimenting in order to find the best method

Testing the design on the actual meters to find the best look

We needed a website where people could easily donate

We are developing social media to bring more people to the movement

We also designed some prints




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