About the projects

All of the works displayed on this page are projects I completed for Saeshe in LA as a designer (including design, illustration and animation). As a graphic designer, I worked closely with the art director, researching and generating promotional concepts for different brands. 


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Project 1 Choco Pie Promotion

Brand: Orion

Product: Choco pie

Strategy: package, pop table, display, event flyer, and event organizing    


Project 2 Tourism Malaysia Promotion

Brand: Tourism Malaysia

Product: Malaysia culture

Strategy: Facebook sweepstakes, email invitation, and trade show


Project 3 Cache Creek casino resort promotion

Brand: Cache Creek

Product: casino  resort

Strategy: web banners, print advertisements in magazines and newspapers in different languages

Project 4 Asian Business Association rebranding

Brand: Asian business association

Product: association

Strategy: Brochure


Final design

Project 5 Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council

Brand: MHTC

Product: Services

Strategy: e-letters

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