These are projects I did in my spare time, enabling me to utilize a variety of possibilities and styles.


Project 1: Modern Ink

About the project

Combining Chinese calligraphy, photography, and motion graphics, Maya and I created a new type of alphabet. 



Yilu Zhang

Maya Peng

Hao Dong (Actor)

Final Design (24 alphabets & 3 punctuations)

Project 2: Flower

About the project

This is a rotoscope project I created at SCAD. I did the research, storyboarding, drawing, and film editing. 

Project 3: Logo design

About the project

This is a branding project for a creative musician. I used multiple elements to create the impression of a professional and imaginative musician. I fused written music symbols with organic shapes. 

Final Design

Project 4: Talk Plant

About the project

This is a group of projects meant to foster a special relationship between digital products and plants. We want kids to feel the emotions of plants by using an app on a cell phone. From the bottom of our hearts, we want kids to have more interest in growing and caring for plants.



Yilu Zhang

Yan Zhao



Ideation and sketches

Define the idea

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